Invite your photographer to stay for the party: I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor

Capturing Memories: The Dancefloor Magic with Gemma G Photography – Your Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer”

Shanley And Fiachra’s winter wedding at Harvey’s Point in County Donegal is right up there with my all time fave dancefloors! I love to capture all the crazy shapes and madness of a good Irish wedding knees up.

Celebrate your love story in every step, sway, and twirl on the dancefloor. By having, Gemma G Photography, your Northern Ireland wedding photographer stay to capture these cherished moments. Investing in this extra service is not just money spent; it’s an investment in preserving the essence of your special day.

The dancefloor is where emotions run high, and spontaneous joy takes center stage. After being present and capturing the rest of your day, your photographer is intimately familiar with the unique charm of you and your guests. They will then skillfully document every laugh, every dip, and every stolen kiss. These images will become timeless treasures. They will evoke the sheer happiness and romance that filled the air, years from now.

Rebecca & Alex had their first wedding dance at Lusty Beg Island. Their dancefloor never emptied! The band was called Anna’s Number and they were so good, that despite being 39 weeks pregnant, I didn’t want to go home! The vibe they created both band and guests was electric.

Invite your photographer to stay for the party

For the sentimental souls, having your photographer stay is like freezing a moment in time. These candid shots will transport you back to the euphoria of your wedding day, allowing you to relive the magic whenever you flip through your photo album. The investment is not just in photographs; it’s in emotions, nostalgia, and the shared smiles that echo through the years.

Ideas for Night Time Wedding Photos

Having your photographer stay to cover the evening portion of your wedding day, not only means dancefloor photos but also allows time of other fun and creative shots like sparklers or fireworks.

Emma and Alan married at the stunning Farnham Estate just outside Cavan. Before their wedding first dance, they decided to invite some of their guests just outside their reception to light some sparklers. You can view more photos from their Farnham Estate autumn wedding on my blog HERE

Zara and Mark opted to not only create sparklers photos with their guests but also to light fireworks before having their first dance during their November wedding at Harvey’s Point in Donegal.

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